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  • Devices, components and parts related to electrical and electronic devices

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Headquarters Headquarters

Our company is a pioneer in Japan of plica tubes, flexible metal conduit tubes. In addition to various wire
protection tubes and accessories used in locations, such as plant construction and general electrical
construction, we also manufacture and sell special robot cables and sensor cables for machine tools. We
accurately meet every need of our clients with our vast product lineup.

Specialized Products, Technologies and Services

Specialized Products, Technologies and Services

Our advantages are a high level of quality backed by tried and true technological strength and mobility to act promptly and accurately
in response to client needs. Our product group spans over 20,000 items, including wire protection tubes and robot cables, and we also
carry a vast selection of products that meet such international standards as UL, CSA, CCC, and CE. Our products are employed not
only in the electrical construction field but also in plant construction and factory lines by major automobile manufacturers and Japanese
machine tool manufacturers. In addition, our experienced engineering personnel are able to rapidly meet special orders, and we are
consistently highly evaluated by the market. As an integrated electrical facility parts manufacturer encompassing everything from wire
protection tubes to cables, we make true one-stop procurement possible.

Current Status of Overseas Business

On-site production China
Sales bases (incl. dealerships) China
Export China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, UK, Italy, and Spain
Import China, Taiwan, and Germany
Outsourcing production /processing
Technology partnerships Germany
R&D bases

Key Business Partners

Future Target Countries and Regions

Overseas Business Prospects

Company Information

Representative Mr. Takashi Ikeda
Address 21-1, Shimomaruko 4-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Ota-ku, Tokyo 146-8585
URL http://www.sankei-ss.co.jp
Established in 1949
Capital 94 million yen
Employees 300
International Certification (e.g. ISO) ISO9001_ISO14001


Name Mr. Zhang Yong Li
Position Senior Manager
Tel +81-3-3758-2226
Fax +81-3-3758-2021

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