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Tokiwa Seiki CO., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer of hydraulic joints, high pressure joints and hydraulic pipes with a long record of results spanning 40 years and possessing sure and reliable technology. We provide optimum products that meet the needs of customers via a meticulous system of small lot and large variety production under our motto of "inexpensive, fast and high quality".

Specialized Products, Technologies and Services

Marumy- A new global standard for hydraulic joints

A hydraulic pipe joint created using proprietary technology developed by Tokiwa Seiki that minutely bends thick walled pipes, Marumy (Patented in Japan and overseas) improves contamination and material yields and completely exceeds conventional products in areas, such as the reduction of pressure loss. In particular, Marumy is an environmentally friendly product that also reduces hazardous substances such as CO2 by 20% to 30% according to an LCA (Life Cycle Assesment).

High pressure elbow fitting

A high pressure elbow, completed based on U.S.SAE standards, entirely eliminates worries over warping due to overtightening while installing using conventional tapered screws, contamination in pipes due to left over seal tape wrappings, and warping due to welding. Marumy offers the advantages of completely free directionality and the ability to withstand high pressures.

In addition, we also offer all stainless steel and brass elbow fittings and hydraulic joints.

Current Status of Overseas Business

On-site production
Sales bases (incl. dealerships)
Export USA, Netherlands, Indonesia and China
Import Korea, China
Outsourcing production /processing Korea, China
Technology partnerships
R&D bases

Key Business Partners

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Toyota Industries Corporation, Komatsu Ltd., Takeuchi MFG. Co., Ltd. and many more leading manufacturing companies

Future Target Countries and Regions

China, ASEAN, Any other countries

Overseas Business Prospects

Company Information

Representative Yoichi Kimura
Address 2-14-12 Omori-Higashi,, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0012
URL http://www.tokiwa-seiki.com
Established in 1932
Capital 20 million yen
Employees 100
International Certification (e.g. ISO) ISO 14001:2015


Name Mr.Yoshio Enomoto
Position General Manager, Sales Dept.
Tel +81-3-3762-5511
Fax +81-3-3763-9144

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