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profiles of companies

profiles of companies

Iwaki Gauge Co., Ltd.

  • Plastic and rubber processing
  • Molds, jigs, tools, gauges
  • Machine components and parts
  • Metal machining

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Ball screws Ball screws
Machined products Machined products
Screw grinder Screw grinder
Ball screws
Machined products
Screw grinder

We were established in 1962 as a gauge manufacturer. Since that time, we have devoted ourselves to precision machining under our motto:"More Precise Machining in Shorter Turnaround Times." Based on these technologies, we are currently engaged in everything from materials to the machining of ball screws, as well as their sales.

Specialized Products, Technologies and Services

Precision ball screws

We handle ball screws from JIS grandes C1 to C7 with screws of lengths up to 1,000 mm standardized in-house. We machine everything from raw materials up to finished products, which makes it possible for us to meet orders for high precision products-not only for standard types but also for special orders.

Rolled ball screws

We handle products from JIS grades C7 to C10.

Support units

We handle ball screw peripherals, such as support units, and engage in their manufacture and sale.
In addition to above, we manufacture Feed screws (triangular and trapezoidal) ,Metal and Plastic nuts,Precision jigs and tools, precision machining, and various gauges.
We accept orders for and namufacture gauges, various precision products, jigs, tools, parts and more. We strive to meet the needs of all customer orders regardless of quanitity or form. In addition, we are also actively engaged in the pioneering of new technologies.

Current Status of Overseas Business

On-site production
Sales bases (incl. dealerships) China and Taiwan
Export China and Taiwan
Outsourcing production /processing
Technology partnerships
R&D bases

Key Business Partners

・SMC Corporation ・Omron Corporation  ・Kyocera Corporation

Future Target Countries and Regions

Southeast Asia, Europe and North America

Overseas Business Prospects

Company Information

Representative Yasuhiro Hirose
Address 28-18, 2 Chome, Chidori,, Ota-ku, Tokyo 146-0083
URL http://www.iwaki-gauge.co.jp
Established in 1962
Capital 30 million yen
Employees 20
International Certification (e.g. ISO)


Name Yasuhiro Hirose
Position President
Tel +81-3-3758-1721
Fax +81-3-3759-1691

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