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profiles of companies

profiles of companies

N&N. Inc.

  • Molds, jigs, tools, gauges
  • Machine components and parts
  • Automated devices, labor-saving devices, factory-automation devices
  • General machinery, industrial machinery
  • Metal machining
  • Sheet-metal processing
  • Surface treatment, coating
  • Plastic and rubber processing
  • Processing of glass, ceramics and composites
  • Machine assembly, unit assembly

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Assemby jig Assemby jig
Large mirror holder Large mirror holder
Microscope jig Microscope jig
CAD design CAD design
Assemby jig
Large mirror holder
Microscope jig
CAD design

There are many steps involved in turning an idea into reality, from the production of the product to its completion. We provide one-stop services from the design stage to the production, inspection, and final assembly of the parts providing solutions to your problems such as which materials and plating are suitable, where to order prototypes, how to guarantee the accuracy of the parts, and who is in charge of the assembly.
We handle a wide variety of materials such as metal, resin, glass, and more, and we specialize in high-mix, low-volume parts production.
We have also added a 3D printer, so if you provide us with your data, we can use it to manufacture your parts.

Specialized Products, Technologies and Services

Design Department

We provide a complete lineup of various services, with a focus on mechanical and optical design.

Production Department

We utilize the strengths of a fabless company, with a network of approximately 100 diverse subcontractors, to provide individual products with short delivery times. We are a one-stop provider of a wide range of services, providing immediate support from a single unit of any material to various surface treatments.

Inspection/Assembly Department

We measure with calibrated measuring instruments and we can also provide you with inspection data.

Current Status of Overseas Business

On-site production
Sales bases (incl. dealerships)
Outsourcing production /processing
Technology partnerships
R&D bases

Key Business Partners

Nikon Corporation
AGC Inc.
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Various universities and research institutions

Future Target Countries and Regions

Taiwan, South Korea, China

Overseas Business Prospects

Company Information

Representative Masato Sone
Address 1-13-19 Yaguchi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 146-0093
URL https://www.n-and-n.co.jp/
Established in 1990
Capital 10 million yen
Employees 21
International Certification (e.g. ISO)


Name Yoshihiko Yashiro
Tel +81-3-5732-0751
Fax +81-3-5732-0940

Ota City, Tokyo. Home of the excellent 4,200+ manufacturers

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