Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization

profiles of companies

profiles of companies


  • General machinery, industrial machinery
  • Molds, jigs, tools, gauges
  • Automated devices, labor-saving devices, factory-automation devices
  • Design, product development and system development.
  • Metal machining
  • Processing of glass, ceramics and composites
  • Processing of special materials
  • Machine assembly, unit assembly

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ASSIST: ultrasonic vibration table ASSIST: ultrasonic vibration table
∞: micropore finishing machine ∞: micropore finishing machine
FINE-Pro: ultrasonic wave finishing machine FINE-Pro: ultrasonic wave finishing machine
ASSIST: ultrasonic vibration table
∞: micropore finishing machine
FINE-Pro: ultrasonic wave finishing machine

Contracted Business:
☞Precision machining of hard and brittle materials, difficult-to-process materials, metals, nonferrous metals, and resins on consignment, as well as unit and equipment fabrication
◆Cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing, single piece, prototype, small lot, mass production
In-house product development, manufacturing and sales business
☞Food processing machines, ultrasonic application equipment, various automated equipment
◆Processing machines, assembly machines, measuring and inspection equipment, conveying equipment

Specialized Products, Technologies and Services

Contribution to the food industry and high trust

With the goal of providing suggestions for automation, we present and devise improvements and new methods in the product manufacturing process and provide them to our customers. We have earned a high reputation from our big and prestigious customers.

Contribution to the semiconductor and electronics industries and a high level of trust

With the goal of developing cutting-edge technologies, we propose the development of new technologies in the electronic device manufacturing process. Our customers are excellent companies in Japan and overseas, and we have earned a high reputation by providing speedy and reliable technology and equipment.

High technology awareness projects

We have set up a space within the company to hold seminars and lectures on various cutting-edge technologies for the development of the region and the industry. We also collaborate with professional societies and support manufacturing networks.

Current Status of Overseas Business

On-site production South Korea, Taiwan, China
Sales bases (incl. dealerships) South Korea, China
Export Korea, Taiwan, China, Italy, U.S.A.
Import Korea
Outsourcing production /processing Several domestic companies
Technology partnerships Several domestic companies and universities
R&D bases Ota-ku, Tokyo

Key Business Partners

Many major domestic food manufacturers, optical manufacturers

Future Target Countries and Regions

Every countries that require our product technology.

Overseas Business Prospects

Company Information

Representative Mr. Kenichi Kumakura
Address 4-4-20 Higashikoujiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0033
URL http://www.mmjp.or.jp/kumakura/
Established in 1971
Capital 55 million yen
Employees 15
International Certification (e.g. ISO)


Name Mr. Kenichi Kumakura
Position Chairman
Tel +81-3-3742-5465
Fax +81-3-3742-5466

Ota City, Tokyo. Home of the excellent 4,200+ manufacturers

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