• Plastic and rubber processing
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  • Lighting-related devices
  • Processing of glass, ceramics and composites
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SEP INC. continues to strive for the development of epoch-making products by applying cutting-edge interface and colloid science to the mechanical engineering field. "SEP" stands for Surface Engineering for Plastic.

Purging Material for Plastic Machinery, "AllesKlar"
Purging Material for Plastic Machinery, "AllesKlar"
Cleaning Additive for Plastic Machinery, "SEP105PET Capsule"
Cleaning Additive for Plastic Machinery, "SEP105PET Capsule"
Cleaning Additive for Plastic Machinery, "SupplePurge"
Cleaning Additive for Plastic Machinery, "SupplePurge"

Specialized Products, Technologies and Services

High Performance Purging Material for Plastic Molding Machines, "AllesKlar"

AllesKlar is a new type of purging material formulated based on cutting-edge interface engineering. A material that possesses a high affinity with metal forms a thin film on the surfaces of screws and cylinders, chemically purging residual plastics and carbide adhered to them, and then forcibly discharging the residue with the base resin.
Mineral-free AllesKlar can also be used for molds, hot runners, and gear pumps. Since the functional solution contained in AllesKlar is effective in dispersing and deflocculating materials, it prevents carbide from being generated. With regular purging, molding machines can be kept clean.

High Performance Purging Additive for Cleaning of Plastic Molding Machines, "SEP 105 PET Capsule"

By directly containing a high-performance solution within a PET capsule, the SEP 105 PET Capsule achieves optimal efficacy with minimal amount. Since it is made of PET, there is no concern over residue materials generated on the surface of machines that mold PET plastic. In addition, the pH of the functional solution contained in it is 7.8, preventing damage to metal surfaces or plating.

High Performance Purging Additive for Cleaning of Plastic Molding Machines, "SupplePurge"

SupplePurge is a polyethylene capsule that is filled with a patented functional solution. This innovative purging solution for cleaning resin molding machines reinvents the concept of purging materials.
Since the functional solution is directly contained in the capsule, even a small amount is effective. With its high permeability, it is quickly dispersed inside the machines, forming a film on metal surfaces and purging carbide and residues. These waste residues are removed from the machines with resin pressure.
The organic boron compound contained in the capsule, which possesses a semi-polar bond, serves as a purging solution and also affects the prevention of static charge, aggregated particles, and dispersion of materials. With these features, regular use of SupplyPurge disperses gelled materials and prevents carbide from being generated, as well as eliminating carbide with color and resin changes.

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